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Partnering with RM Developments provides enormous peace of mind that your investment will deliver exceptional outcomes.

With a combined 30 years of experience in property development, project management and construction both within Australia and internationally – including projects in the Middle East, Asia and the Pacific – the RM Developments team brings vast development expertise to the table.

High levels of proficiency in determining Project feasibility at the acquisition phase ensures that all development opportunities are well considered and tested prior to proceeding.

Available for development project management across Australia, since its formation in 2017 RM Developments has to date been particularly active in southeast Queensland – Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast – and regional Queensland.

Taking pride in always delivering on what was promised and appropriately licensed to handle all aspects of a development, from planning and design to construction, superintendency and sales, RM Developments’ capabilities extend across:

  • Residential land estates
  • High-end residential projects
  • Apartment building projects
  • Commercial projects
  • Retail projects
  • Mixed use projects
  • Industrial projects

Clients include both corporate entities and high net-worth private individuals looking for a set of safe hands to deliver their projects.

This includes tailored joint venture partnerships with land owners who desire to develop their land but do not necessarily have the know-how or capital to deliver a project by themselves. In such circumstances, as with every RM Developments project, the aim is always to truly create win-win outcomes.


The RM Developments approach

RM Developments places strong emphasis on innovation, maintaining exceptional standards in terms of design and construction, exceeding expectations and having a positive impact for both our clients and the communities they’re investing in.

Committed to going above and beyond to ensure unrivalled levels of satisfaction, RM Developments seeks to create and foster long-term partnerships that benefit each party.

Invaluable development management expertise

RM Developments has expertise across:

  • Cost planning and feasibility assessment
  • Project management and delivery
  • Property acquisition and deal structuring
  • Project conceptualisation
  • Project planning and design
  • Management of approvals
  • Cost control
  • Project marketing


The property development process

Each and every development begins with communication between all parties, prior to RM Developments conducting a feasibility study to determine the best use of the land in question. Findings are then provided to the land owner to consider, prior to agreements being put in place and relevant subcontractors being engaged.

In addition to liaising with local councils and state governments as necessary, subcontractors typically engaged in any given project include:

  • Property valuers
  • Town planners
  • Quantity surveyors
  • Building certifiers
  • Architects
  • Landscape architects
  • Acoustic engineers
  • Traffic engineers
  • Civil/structural/mechanical/electrical engineers
  • Heritage specialists
  • Vegetation consultants
  • Public relations consultants
  • Marketing and advertising companies


Key service areas

Development acquisition

Finding appropriate opportunities for clients, to match their risk profile and desired performance outcomes, is a specialty of RM Developments.

Development advisory

RM Developments’ all-inclusive development management services include facilitating all aspects of the development process from finding the opportunity through to settlement and disbursements of final funds.

Superintendency: RM Developments are licensed superintendents so can act in this role for any given project, ensuring quality control and subcontractor coordination is in expert hands.

Sales and marketing

From branding your development, to bringing your project to market, showcasing the end picture for buyers and selling off the plan, RM Developments can provide solutions.


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